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Students spoke at the UN Moscow International Model

1683736238 0k6y2FsELRQStudents of Timiryazev Academy as delegates of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) represented the interests of Ethiopia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kuwait. Habitat destruction as a result of human agricultural activities was on the agenda.
Every year, hundreds of young people from around the world present the positions of different countries, conduct constructive dialogues and propose non-standard solutions to global problems within the walls of MGIMO University. The topics and problems on the agendas are the real challenges of our time.
About 800 participants took part in C-MIMUN 2023, who spoke in all official UN languages. The students of Timiryazev Academy chose English.
The conference gives the participants a number of advantages, among which are experience in public speaking and debating in a foreign language, drafting of documents and familiarity with the rules and procedures of the United Nations. In addition, participation in the Model - it is an acquaintance with the bright and talented people, an opportunity for self-fulfillment. The event helps to realize the importance of one's future and to feel oneself as a part of the world community.

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