Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy

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Admission requirements and costs for 5-year “Specialist” degree program


July, 31st – August, 31st

Fields of study

08.05.01 Construction of unique buildings and structures

36.05.01 Veterinary medicine

38.05.01 Economic safety

Course length

5 years

Academic year

From September, 1st till August, 31st

Entrance examinations: subjects, types of examinations

Entrance examinations as exams for the citizens of CIS and Baltic countries and Russians residing abroad, admitted on equal bases with Russian citizen:

1. Biology 2. Maths 3. Russian language (36.05.01 Veterinary medicine)

1. Maths 2. Social science

3. Russianlanguage

(38.05.01 Economic safety)

1. Maths 2. Physics 3. Russian language

(08.05.01 Construction of unique buildings and structures)

Citizens of non-CIS/Baltic countries with no or poor knowledge of Russian language, are admitted to the entrance examinations only after graduating from the Pre-enrollment (Preparatory) faculty for foreign citizens, having passed final exams of the Faculty and obtained a corresponding certificate.

Entrance exam period


Tuition fees

The tuition fee for one academic year is:

05.00.00 Earth sciences – 281 600 Roubles per year

36.00.00 Veterinary medicine and animal husbandry – 281 600 Roubles per year

38.00.00 Economics and management – 251 350 Roubles per year

Subjects taught in foreign languages


Preparatory courses / department / faculty (subjects, duration, terms, tuition fee)

For foreign citizens and compatriots, proficient in Russian language and enrolled on equal bases, on-going preparatory courses are offered: 2-year and 7-month-long – from October, 1st, 3-month-long – from February, 1st, 8-week-long – from May, 20th, 3-week-long – from June, 21st. Year-long preparatory courses by correspondence are also offered. Subjects taught: biology, maths, chemistry and Russian language.

Foreign citizen with no or poor knowledge of Russian language, are supposed to enter a pre-enrollment (preparatory) faculty, where, upon completion, they take final exams in maths and chemistry (in written form) and biology and Russian language (in written form and orally).

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