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"Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy"

The Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy (RSAU – MTAA) was established in 1865. The University is driven by its mission to contribute to society through the pursuit of agricultural education, learning and research.

There are 8 institutes, a college, 74 departments, the university branch in the Kaluga region, the scientific library, 11 museums (4 of them have the state status), a horse – riding facility, experimental fields and over 30 innovative labs that make up the Timiryazev Academy, covering a vast array of subjects and specialised areas of research.

The University has received state support for the establishment of the World-Class Research Center "Agro Technologies for the Future". It insures transformation to most updated IT technologies, production of ecologically safe food, implementation of chemical and biological protection of plants and animals.

A brand new facility, "Service Laboratory of complex analysis of chemical compounds" conducts research in five areas, where the analysis of secondary metabolites of crop production, soils, agrochemicals, genome and microbiome of animals and plants, as well as the analysis of feed additives and evaluation of the quality of agricultural products is implemented. The Center solves many research tasks for the university and private customers.

Every year the Timiryazev Academy welcomes more than 15,000 students, nearly 1,000 are from 73 countries. Joining such a global community is the perfect way to gain new perspectives, increase cultural awareness and develop an international network of friends and connections. We gather a world class faculty of experts and teachers who bring out the best in every individual through both their teaching methods and their motivational skills. Through a variety of teaching methods, including interactive lectures, workshops, project-based group work and master-classes, students gain a deeper knowledge of their subject, develop their dreams and confirm their ambitions.

The Timiryazev Academy has become the first and only agricultural university in this country to be included in the QS world ranking. The university is in the international rating of environmental sustainability of "Green-Metric" universities and the global rating "Three Missions of the University", it is in the TOP 100 Russian universities in the lists of RAEX, Interfax and Forbes Magazine. Since 2021, the University has been part of the state program "Priority 2030" on the track "Research Leadership" and provides strengthening of the status of the Timiryazev Academy as the first agrarian research university forming the agenda for the entire system of agricultural science and education in Russia.

The central library named after Nikolay Zheleznov (the first director of the Academy), is the largest scientific library among Russian agricultural universities which holds over three million volumes. A modern comfortable environment of the library includes large conference halls with the latest multimedia screens and interactive equipment and reading rooms which are adapted for the work of students and academic staff. 

The Timiryazev Academy has maintained its position as the leading educational centre of the agricultural industry of Russia for more than 157 years. Developing best traditions of Russian higher education, the university has launched the largest communication platform in the agro-industrial sector of Russia under a bright name "Boiling Point". The platform is designed to increase the effectiveness of co-operation between science, education and business, to accelerate the digital transformation of the country's agricultural sector, and to start up breakthrough technologies and projects in the agro-industrial sector. 

The Timiryazev Academy is rich in cultural diversity. Our students study in the historic buildings. It's an authentic taste of undergraduate life in locations famous for ground-breaking discoveries and the start of countless successful careers. You will also find modern dormitories all in-suit with free Wi-Fi coverage, museums and the art gallery, the larch walking alley, the horse – riding arena, extensive gardens and the cascade of ponds. The unique 565 hectares' university campus territory to explore on foot, and just a short 15 minutes' ride by the underground transport system to the heart of Moscow, the Red Square.

The whole Academy site is being actively reconstructed. Large-scale works on reconstruction and repair of campus roads, Academy buildings and classrooms, fitting them with modern equipment have been carried out at the University. A reconstruction of the lawns' covering with the installation of a modern irrigation system has been done in the historical park. Its infrastructure competes with the best European universities, and its design and atmosphere attract gifted domestic and foreign students here.

After some major repair works, a modern concert hall with over 600 seats opens its doors to students of the Timiryazev Academy. The Hall has all facilities for professional singing, dancing, drama, music, theater art and design. Indoor and outdoor sport grounds and gyms offer 52 sport sections to all students and academic staff.

The implementation of the program "Development Strategy of the Russian State Agricultural Academy named after K.A. Timiryazev", will make a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the country, its agro-industrial sector and rural areas.




49, Timiryazevskay St.
Moscow, 127434
Russian Federation


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