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University invites participants to the semi-finals of the “I am a Professional” Olympiad

More than 1,000 participants in the "I am a Professional" student competition succeeded in completing the online selection tasks and reaching the final stage of this All-Russian Student Olympiad in the field of agriculture. Now the future professionals are getting ready to take part in the semi-final competitions which will be held on the 17th and 18th of February.

Students from across Russia will be represented in the semi-finals. Up to 30% of the tasks in this stage are based on real cases of partner companies and aim to test the applied competencies of the participants.

The All-Russian Students Competition "I am a Professional" is one of the largest student competitions in the country. Bachelor's, Specialist and Master's degree students of Russian universities are eligible to take part in the Olympiad. The goal of the project is to support talented students of different specialties, which will enable them to continue their education in the country's leading higher education institution and to start a career in a major company.

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