Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy

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Anton Shiryaev, a graduate of the Agrobiotechnology Institute and now a PhD student at an Italian university, conducted a seminar on Erasmus+ academic mobility programs for students of Timiryazev Academy. At the meeting with the students of the Institute of Agrobiotechnology the young scientist shared his experience of studying at European universities. He spoke in detail about the benefits of participating in academic mobility programs. In details the postgraduate student told about intercultural adaptation by the example of studying at the Hungarian University. Anton Shiryaev emphasized that studying in Hungary is a great starting point for students to study European culture. During the seminar the young scientist paid special attention to the peculiarities of the educational process at the Italian university and the directions of his three-year research work.

Anton Shiryaev expressed his gratitude to the International Educational Programs Office of RT SAU for organizing the meeting with the students and providing ongoing support to students participating in the Erasmus+ academic mobility programs.

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