Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy

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This year the “KWS RUS” company launched a course of training lectures for the Timiryazev Academy students-plant breeders. Classes are held weekly. The last speaker was Dietrich Hauer, breeder of the KWS Sugar Beet Department.  The topic of the lesson was the selection of sugar beets in Germany.

The speaker shared with the students new directions in breeding, genetics and seed production of high-yielding sugar beet hybrids in Germany. The participants learned the details of the complex processes of creating a new beet varieties and all the subtleties of the breeding process, which takes more than 8 years. The lecture sparked a lively discussion among students, who had many questions for the speaker.

Based on the results of the training, students will be selected for practical training at the experimental station of KWS RUS LLC in the Lipetsk region and at enterprises in Germany. Also, upon completion of the training course, six of the most active and interested students will receive personal scholarships from the KWS company.

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