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At the Faculty of Technology, students met with graduate Ekaterina Mutovkina, now a successful entrepreneur in the coffee industry. The specialist told how she was trained, what problems she faced, and what experience she gained from her practice in Brazil. Ekaterina Mutovkina graduated from the Faculty of Technology and Master's Degree from the Department of Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management. Ekaterina took the initiative and directly wrote a letter to professors of the Brazilian Federal University of Espírito Santo. It is the largest university and research center in the state of Espirito Santo in southeastern Brazil. Scientists from a Brazilian university were interested in the student's request for practical training and invited her for a two-month internship. Upon graduation, the student defended her master's thesis in Timiryazevka on the topic of roasting coffee. At a meeting with students of the Faculty of Technology, Ekaterina told what basic knowledge and skills you need to have in order to complete an internship program, and also shared the secrets of overcoming the language barrier.

The alumnus thanked the teachers of the RSAU-Moscow Agricultural Academy for the valuable theoretical knowledge gained in the learning process and shared her plans for entering the postgraduate study in Timiryazevka. Ekaterina plans to continue her research activities at the alma mater. According to Anna Voronina, Deputy Head of the Department of International Educational Programs of the RSAU-MTAA, now Brazilian partners have come up with an initiative to create a joint project of academic mobility for young researchers.
As a result of the meeting, many university students became interested in opportunities to practice at the Brazilian Federal University of Espirito Santo.


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