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74 educational programs of Timiryazev Academy received international accreditation for next 6 years

The areas of training that participated in accreditation were awarded the EXCELLENT QUALITY badge, which testifies to the high quality of educational programs accredited in accordance with European standards to guarantee the quality of education, the requirements of professional standards and the market.

In July 2021, an international accreditation for a period of 6 years was awarded to 15 educational curricula clusters of the RT SAU, including 74 educational programs:

  • "Agronomy" (35.03.04, 35.04.04) (B.Sc., M.Sc.);
  • "Agrochemistry and Agrosoil Science" (35.03.03, 35.04.03) (B.Sc., M.Sc.);
  • "Landscape architecture" (35.03.10, 35.04.09) (B.Sc., M.Sc.);
  • "Forestry" (35.03.01, 35.04.01) (B.Sc., M.Sc.);
  • "Horticulture" (35.03.05, 35.04.05) (B.Sc., M.Sc.);
  • "Agriculture" (35.06.01) (Ph.D.);
  • "Forestry" (35.06.02) (Ph.D.);
  • "Fish Industry" (35.06.03) (Ph.D.);
  • "Agroengineering" (35.03.06, 35.04.06) (B.Sc., M.Sc.);
  • "Technology of production and processing of agricultural products" (35.03.07) (B.Sc.);
  • "Technologies, means of mechanization and power equipment in agriculture, forestry and fisheries" (35.06.04) (Ph.D.);
  • "Veterinary and sanitary examination" (36.03.01, 36.04.01) (B.Sc., M.Sc.);
  • "Zootechnics" (36.03.02, 36.04.02) (B.Sc., M.Sc.);
  • "Veterinary Medicine" (36.05.01) (Spc);
  • "Veterinary and Animal Science" (06.06.01) (Ph.D.).

Successful passage of international professional and public accreditation will contribute to the further achievement of even higher results in educational and scientific activities by RT SAU.

Information about the University's accredited educational programs is posted in the European Register of Accredited Programs (

Timiryazev Academy has strengthened its position in the ranking of the best universities of "Interfax"

The Interfax Group has presented the XII annual National University Ranking. Timiryazev Academy entered the top 100 out of 341 Russian universities, whose activities were assessed when compiling the rating.

In 2021, the work of universities was assessed according to six parameters: educational and research activities, social environment, international and interregional cooperation, brand, innovation and technological entrepreneurship. Timiryazev Academy is 2 positions higher than the previous year and took 96th place.

KWS educational program ended with lectures on the company's fields


At the invitation of the KWS company, the students of the Department of Plant Growing and Meadow Ecosystems visited the KWS Field Experimental Station and the Center of Agricultural Competencies in the Lipetsk region. The trip completed the KVS RUS educational program, which started in Timiryazevka in February this year.

J test station KWS conducts breeding work to develop new varieties and hybrids and adapt them to Russian conditions. Tests are being carried out on more than 7000 plots sown with seeds of sugar beet, winter rye, spring barley and wheat, potatoes and sunflowers. In breeding work, the latest biotechnologies are used, which make it possible to create hybrids with higher yields, sugar content and resistance to diseases and pests.

Based on the results of the training, students will be selected for practical training at the experimental station of KVS RUS LLC in the Lipetsk region and at enterprises in Germany. Also, upon completion of the training course, six of the most active and interested students will receive personal scholarships from the KWS company.

Scientists of the RT SAU discussed with colleagues from Germany the creation of a Biocluster in Russia

The Timiryazev Academy hosted a working meeting on the implementation of a project to create an international Russian-German biotechnological cluster in the Russian Federation.

During the meeting, the parties discussed further cooperation and opportunities for concluding an agreement on the creation and development of an international Russian-German biotechnological cluster in the Russian Federation.

Scientists from Timiryazev Academy outlined joint research with Serbian colleagues

Scientists from the Department of Machine and Tractor Fleet Operation and High Technologies in Horticulture met with representatives of the Department of Microbiology of the University of Belgrade and Agrounik LLC.

At the meeting with colleagues, priority areas of cooperation were outlined. The scientists agreed to establish cooperation in the framework of international scientific conferences and symposia. The guests expressed their interest in research on potato culture, in particular, on obtaining two harvests of early potatoes in the face of climate change.

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