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Kliment Timiryazev and his legacy are in the focus of the broadcast of the Kultura TV channel

"Kultura" is an all-Russian state TV channel about culture in all its aspects. It broadcasts a wide range of programmes devoted to different areas of cultural life - music, painting, theatre, literature, cinema and others. The channel produces a large number of its own programmes and cycles, produced by the best experts in particular areas of culture.

In the programme "Peshkom..." presenter Mikhail Zhebrak remembers Kliment Timiryazev and tells about the sites associated with him: Russian Timiryazev State Agrarian University, the scientist's museum flat, monuments and streets.
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Timiryazev Academy is in the top 10 of Russia's media ranking of universities

According to the April ratings presented by the Social Navigator joint project of Russia Today Media Group and Brand Analytics, Russian Timiryazev State Agrarian University significantly strengthened its position and became one of the most media-oriented universities in Russia and the most mentioned agrarian university in the country.
In the media and social media presence ranking, Timiryazev Academy made an impressive move by 66 points - from 73rd to 7th position. Among agrarian universities Timiryazev Academy tops the media ranking.

Social media presence ratings:

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Students spoke at the UN Moscow International Model

1683736238 0k6y2FsELRQStudents of Timiryazev Academy as delegates of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) represented the interests of Ethiopia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kuwait. Habitat destruction as a result of human agricultural activities was on the agenda.
Every year, hundreds of young people from around the world present the positions of different countries, conduct constructive dialogues and propose non-standard solutions to global problems within the walls of MGIMO University. The topics and problems on the agendas are the real challenges of our time.
About 800 participants took part in C-MIMUN 2023, who spoke in all official UN languages. The students of Timiryazev Academy chose English.
The conference gives the participants a number of advantages, among which are experience in public speaking and debating in a foreign language, drafting of documents and familiarity with the rules and procedures of the United Nations. In addition, participation in the Model - it is an acquaintance with the bright and talented people, an opportunity for self-fulfillment. The event helps to realize the importance of one's future and to feel oneself as a part of the world community.

Foreign students of RSAU-MTAA became the second in the tournament among African teams

On the basis of the Russian State Geological Exploration University named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze a futsal tournament among African teams was held. According to the results of the sport event the team of foreign students of Timiryazev Academy reached the final.
In the final game Timiryazev students met the team of Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. In a persistent struggle Timiryazev's team won the "silver" - 2nd place. Congratulations!!!

Colleagues from Uzbekistan had an internship in the Engineering Center

1683274593 photo1682699064An international scientific internship for scientists from the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers ended at Timiryazev Academy. 6 Uzbek collaborators had their training on different topics.
Internship on the program "Actual aspects of land management and cadaster" was held by the department of agricultural reclamation, forestry and land management. Internship on the program "Actual aspects of techno-sphere safety and labor protection" was launched as a pilot project in the long-term cooperation of partner universities. During the internship on the program "Technology of precision farming, irrigation, reclamation and construction machinery operation" the students got acquainted with a number of unique units of the University, such as Engineering Center of Timiryazev Academy, Center of modern agricultural technologies of "Geomir" company, Hydromelioration Technique Laboratory and others.

The Uzbek scientists got acquainted with the activities of the institute's departments, visited the scientific and educational sites, touched the historical and cultural heritage of the university, conducted lectures, practical classes and master classes at the departments of Institute of Land Reclamation, Water Management and Construction named after A.N. Kostyakov.

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