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Timiryazev Academy expands cooperation with Armenia

Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia Arman Khojoyan and Director of the Winemaking and Viticulture Fund Zaruhi Muradyan made an official visit to our university.

At the meeting with foreign colleagues, were discussed several priority areas of cooperation: training of the agro-industrial complex workers from both countries, retraining and advanced training, innovative projects.

The issues of interaction in the field of student exchange, exchange of educational courses, joint participation in conferences, grants and start-ups, as well as the inclusion of Armenian specialists in the work of the seed center of the RT SAU were also covered.

It was decided to join efforts between Timiryazev Academy and the National Agrarian University of Armenia in personnel training for traditional and organic farming.

Sputnik V vaccine developer gave a lecture for biotechnology students

In our university an open lecture was held by Vladimir Gushchin – the head of the pathogenic microorganisms population variability mechanisms laboratory and the reference center for coronavirus infection of the N.F. Gamalei Medical and Scientific Center. The event was attended by 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students studying at "Biotechnology" and "Agronomy" tracks.

The lecture was held as a part of Student Scientific Society “TimBioTech” meeting. Vladimir Gushchin is one of the developers of the Sputnik V vaccine, as well as a 2009 graduate of the Agronomy and Biotechnology Faculty of the RT SAU.

Vladimir Gushchin made a presentation on "The COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines and the risks of further evolution of SARS-CoV-2." In his speech, he spoke about the current statistics of morbidity in Russia and the world, about the concept of natural herd immunity, various types of vaccines, their advantages and disadvantages. The scientist also talked about his professional path from a student studying in the specialty "Selection and genetics of agricultural crops" to the head of one of the leading departments of the N.F. Gamalei MSC.

At the end of the presentation, the students asked questions about the characteristics of the body's reactions to the vaccine, the special conditions of vaccination for different groups of the population, as well as the necessary measures to prevent the emergence of the third wave of the pandemic.

Timiryazev Academy and “Trimble” Company outlined points of growth

Rector of the RT SAU Vladimir Trukhachev held a working meeting with representatives of the “Trimble” company. The topic of the meeting was creation of a new demonstration center and laboratory on the site of the university. “Trimble” employees presented a roadmap for the implementation of the scientific and educational activities project and industrial partnership. The colleagues discussed the advanced training courses organization for the vast variety of agricultural specialists. The launch of the project of scientific and educational activities and industrial partnership is scheduled for September 2021.

For over 35 years, “Trimble” has created unique positioning tools to help customers grow their businesses. With more than 1,000 patents, the company provides the broadest selection of positioning solutions in the industry. “Trimble” products are used in more than 150 countries around the world.

RT SAU and Minsk Tractor Plant became partners

University Rector Vladimir Trukhachev held a working meeting with Vitaly Vovk, General Director of BELARUS Minsk Tractor Works OJSC (“MTW”). The colleagues discussed the interaction directions between the university and "MTW" Company in the field of educational and scientific activities and concluded a cooperation agreement. The interaction between the university and the Minsk Tractor Works will affect several areas at once – training of engineering personnel, joint technical testing of tractors, participation in grants, and many other. One of the goals of long-term cooperation was the unification of science and industry.

After the official meeting, the Belarusian colleagues were introduced to the material and technical equipment of the university and the students of Timiryazev Academy. During the conversation, the distinguished guest emphasized that the doors of the Minsk Tractor Plant are now officially open for students practical training.

Minsk Tractor Works is one of the eight largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the world. Today the company employs over 16 thousand people.

The university continues to implement the educational program of the company “KWS”

This year the “KWS RUS” company launched a course of training lectures for the Timiryazev Academy students-plant breeders. Classes are held weekly. The last speaker was Dietrich Hauer, breeder of the KWS Sugar Beet Department.  The topic of the lesson was the selection of sugar beets in Germany.

The speaker shared with the students new directions in breeding, genetics and seed production of high-yielding sugar beet hybrids in Germany. The participants learned the details of the complex processes of creating a new beet varieties and all the subtleties of the breeding process, which takes more than 8 years. The lecture sparked a lively discussion among students, who had many questions for the speaker.

Based on the results of the training, students will be selected for practical training at the experimental station of KWS RUS LLC in the Lipetsk region and at enterprises in Germany. Also, upon completion of the training course, six of the most active and interested students will receive personal scholarships from the KWS company.

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