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Scientists of Timiryazev Academy and Indian eco-activist will work together on environmental issues

Samrat Moulik, a foreign environmental activist, met with RT SAU scientists and students.

During the meeting, he discussed issues of water resources protection and ways to attract public attention to the problems.
According to the eco-activist, his visit to Russia was aimed at studying the experience of water use in our country in the context of combating climate change. One of the most important components of an environmental tour of an activist is establishing business contacts with representatives of specialized organizations and universities.

The Timiryazev Academy was visited by the Minister of Agriculture of Uzbekistan

During the working meeting, the parties exchanged views on the development of effective interaction between the RT SAU and specialized organizations of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Currently, comprehensive cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan is developing, contacts are strengthening at the level of presidents, governments and parliaments, cultural and humanitarian ties are significantly strengthening. There is active interaction in the field of higher education. Many Uzbek ministries and departments express their intentions to establish direct relationships with leading Russian specialized universities.

At the workshop, the possibilities of implementing the plan of joint practical measures were discussed. Promising tasks were outlined, an agreement was reached on holding a repeat visit of the Uzbek delegation next year with the participation of leading scientists of the friendly state.

October 14 - the start of the new season #ERASMUSDAYS in Timiryazev Academy

This year, the main themes of ErasmusDays around the world are digital transformation and environmental management, the theme of events in Timiryazev Academy is defined as "Still Erasmus". As part of the three-day ErasmusDays program, Timiryazev Academy students will learn about the benefits of mobility, the results of Erasmus + projects, and will also be able to communicate with peers who have already completed their studies at a foreign university under the academic mobility program.

Schedule of ErasmusDays:

- October 14 at 9:00 (Moscow time) - interviews with students who have been trained at foreign universities under the Erasmus + academic mobility program.
Students will talk about their experience, the prospects for student exchange in a pandemic and answer the most popular questions. The video will be available in the official communities of the university on social networks.

- October 14 at 11:00 (Moscow time) - start of the digital photo exhibition.
The photo exhibition is dedicated to the stories of participants in the Erasmus + academic mobility program. With the help of a photo, students will share their memories and stories of studying abroad.

- October 14 at 12:00 (Moscow time) - the start of the online quiz.

The quiz will be held in two languages:
• in Russian:

• in English:

Participation end time: October 16 at 12:00.
All participants will receive certificates, pleasant prizes await the winners.

- October 15 at 13:00 (Moscow time) - Round table dedicated to the discussion of the training and new programs on digitalization of environmental management within the TAURUS project.

Pre-registration link:

After registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing information on entering the conference.

School for Farmers started at Timiryazev Academy

From October 22 to December 24, a joint project of JSC "Russian Agricultural Bank" and the Russian Timiryazev State Agrarian University is being carried out. The 252 hour training program consists of modules on economics, beekeeping and crop production.

The Farmer's School is a unique project that will create new jobs and bring new domestic brands of high-quality agricultural products to the market. Its goal is to create new financially stable peasant farms and thereby give a qualitative impetus to the farming movement in the country. This will be helped by specialized knowledge and professional skills that university specialists are ready to share, as well as unique industry expertise and financial support that Russian Agricultural Bank will provide to the best graduates of the School.
Upon graduation from the School for Farmers, graduates will receive state documents in the direction of Agriculture, which are necessary for subsequent grant support of projects.

Students and postgraduates of the Plant Protection Department are leaders of the "BayStadi" project

At the final event of the "BayStudy-2021" program from the "Bayer Crop Science" company, scientific works on agriculture were presented by 18 undergraduate and graduate students of universities and research institutes. In total, more than 200 applications from 35 universities in the country were submitted for the correspondence stage. Among the leaders of the project are students and postgraduates of the Plant Protection Department of the Agrobiotechnology Institute.
The scientific initiative "BayStudy" is a project designed to support talented students and graduate students who intend to grow and develop professionally in the field of plant protection, as well as those who wish to gain practical skills.

The victories of our students for the first time brought the Timiryazev Academy to the leaders of the university ranking of winners of the "BayStudy" project.
The winners of the competition received a monthly scholarship from the Bayer concern and were given the opportunity to undergo an internship at the BayArena platform - the Bayer agrotechnological competence platform, employment in the company and access to an English language course.

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