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Visit of the Uzbekistan delegation to the Timiryazev Academy

The extensive program of scientists from Uzbekistan included getting acquainted with the work of scientific and educational departments of Timiryazev Academy, as well as discussing several areas of cooperation between RT SAU, Tashkent State Agrarian University and the Termez Institute of Agrotechnologies and Innovative Development.

According to Alisher Khasanov, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation of the Tashkent State Agrarian University, among the successfully implemented goals of the visit of Uzbek scientists was the study of best practices in organizing the training and experimental facilities of the Timiryazev Academy and the discussion of the implementation of academic mobility programs for students and university teachers.

Based on the results of week-long negotiations, the parties outlined a plan for the development of joint educational programs in the areas of Plant Protection and Horse Breeding. A decision was made to jointly prepare textbooks and teaching aids, laboratory work in the areas of Plant Protection and Horse Breeding.

At the final meeting of the working groups in the Boiling Point, scientists exchanged views on the organization of joint scientific and practical conferences, agreed on the timing of the implementation of the agreements and the format for the next negotiations.

Timiryazev Academy strengthens cooperation with universities and scientific organizations of Belarus

undefinedRector of the Timiryazev Academy Vladimir Trukhachev held a meeting with the Rector of the Belarusian State Technological University Igor Voitov and Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Alexander Tsyganov. During the conversation, the parties discussed the prospects for cooperation in the field of science and education.

Vladimir Trukhachev introduced the guests to the infrastructure of the university, scientific achievements and spoke about recent qualitative changes. The head of the university emphasized that partnership with Belarusian scientific and educational organizations is of undoubted strategic interest for the Timiryazev Academy, especially within the framework of the implementation of the Union State Programs. As areas for joint work, the Belarusian colleagues proposed the development of relevant educational programs, the organization of Summer Schools for students on the basis of two universities and the implementation of scientific research, development of the latest ameliorative machines, afforestation and development of new fertilizers.

Timiryazev Academy and the University of China will implement joint projects

Timiryazev Academy and the North-Eastern Agricultural University of Harbin representatives discussed the development of cooperation in science and education in online meeting. As part of a working meeting, the parties presented educational and scientific areas of mutual interest to both universities.

The parties expressed confidence in the necessity to develop cooperation between the universities in the field of research related to organic agriculture, "smart" robotic technologies and food creation technologies as well as gene editing and molecular breeding technologies. Representatives of the two universities agreed to establish a working group for the implementation of the planned tasks.

Timiryazev Academy and Syngenta agreed on cooperation

RT SAU was visited by several leaders of Syngenta LLC. Leading scientists of the university, headed by our rector, acquainted the guests of honor with the latest scientific and educational departments of the university, discussed the prospects and formats of joint work. As a result of the visit, the leaders of the Timiryazev Academy and the Syngenta company documented the intentions of cooperation. During 3.5 hours of their visit, representatives of the Syngenta company management visited the Central National Library named after N.I. Zheleznov, the newest building of the Institute of Lifelong Education, the Center for Collective Use in the 20th building, the audience of the company "August" at the Department of Plant Protection, the Engineering Center and the Center for Creativity. According to Evgeny Kopylov, director of technical support and development of plant protection products at Syngenta, a graduate of the agronomy department of the Timiryazev Academy, the guests were shocked by the qualitative changes that the university has achieved in recent years.

Timiryazev Academy graduate shares experience in academic mobility

Anton Shiryaev, a graduate of the Agrobiotechnology Institute and now a PhD student at an Italian university, conducted a seminar on Erasmus+ academic mobility programs for students of Timiryazev Academy. At the meeting with the students of the Institute of Agrobiotechnology the young scientist shared his experience of studying at European universities. He spoke in detail about the benefits of participating in academic mobility programs. In details the postgraduate student told about intercultural adaptation by the example of studying at the Hungarian University. Anton Shiryaev emphasized that studying in Hungary is a great starting point for students to study European culture. During the seminar the young scientist paid special attention to the peculiarities of the educational process at the Italian university and the directions of his three-year research work.

Anton Shiryaev expressed his gratitude to the International Educational Programs Office of RT SAU for organizing the meeting with the students and providing ongoing support to students participating in the Erasmus+ academic mobility programs.

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